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Artrendex Announces ArtPI for Fine Art Analysis Via AI

Artrendex, a company that provides AI technology to the art world, has announced the release of ArtPI, which the company describes as “a new interface or API driven by artificial intelligence that’s poised to transform the way art gets discovered, displayed, and sold.” The new service takes advantage of AI’s strengths in pattern matching and trend recognition.

ArtPI not only provides developers with insight into the fine art world but it also enables the creation of custom tools for visual search, trend analysis, and categorization of fine art. Tools such as this will be especially useful as the trend toward art digitization continues. Last year ProgrammableWeb reported that the Metropolitan Museum of Art had launched a new public API, which provides access to over 200,000 items. Artrendex has highlighted this new tool's ability to categorize art in ways that may have been previously overlooked. Without relying on existing tags, the algorithm is able to view art without bias or presupposition.

Additionally, ArtPI is capable of processing content that has been distorted, increasing the breadth of content that users can analyze without worrying about issues caused by things like less than ideal lighting.

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